Monday, January 14, 2013

Hong Kong Day 2, still: St. Francis Yard and the other hidden awesome communities

Along St. Francis Yard, beside the Monocle Shops are a couple of interesting (and pricey) boutiques:

You can find this at the K-11 Art Mall too though!

Vintage stuff, reminiscent of Cubao X days of yore.
Perpendicular to St. Francis Yard are a couple of stores I haven't really heard of and wouldn'tve found if I weren't so curious! There weren't enough signs (which is part of the charm of the area, I suppose) that lead to the shops and it was a quiet, quiet residential looking neighborhood. I'm assuming it's called The Fat 23 Community--if it isn't (and please correct me if I'm wrong) let's just called it Sau Wa Fong. :)
Lots of leather goods and I was very interested in the industrial lightbulbs. Yes, they sold very hipster lightbulbs.

Freezing my ass off.

Here they had china and some furniture.

As you can see, they had minimal signs and I'm sorry, I failed to get the store names but this one over here is pretty awesome. They had tons of vintage stuff and tons of new stuff mostly from Japan.

Tomorrow, I'll post about one of the favorite things I got to witness in Hong Kong: the Andy Warhol exhibit! Woohoo! See you, W.

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