Tuesday, January 8, 2013

HK Day 2 Part Deux: so many shops, so little money.

Now where were we. Ahh, still in the Central District in Hong Kong.

As we continued to walk around, we got ourselves acquainted with quite a few interesting shops.  This one is called Eleven After Eleven.  They sold mostly menswear but I enjoyed the shop nonetheless.
A skincare brand for men whose packaging I adore.
Eleven After Eleven is located at No. 12A Elgin St., Central,  Hong Kong.

I love these Art Nouveau-inspired posters that lined most of the walls in the area.  I think these were invites to a New Year's Party.

At this point we were walking around Hollywood Road, checking out the art galleries.  There was even a man who did his thing out in the street.
I commend you, kuya.
Very near where he was standing was where we found solace and heat, and much needed rest for our very tired feet.
The place is called the Blue Butcher. I'm reading their site now as I blog and apparently the place is loaded with good reviews. I certainly liked the vibe of the place but they didn't serve food til 6pm, I believe, and we were there in the afternoon.  I was in an alcohol-drinking mood nonetheless, because my nose, my fingertips, my toes were freezing. And also because their big sign said they had eggnog. I love eggnog! Especially with alcohol.
Check out the lights! The whole set up of the place! I like it a lot.
Vintage tiles.
I got the spiced rum eggnog. I was a bit disappointed they served it really cold, I would have wanted it hot. But it was heavy with rum, just the way I like it.
The Blue Butcher Bar and Restaurant is at 108 Hollywood Road, Central District, Hong Kong.  If you want to check out their menu, they have downloadable editions in their website.

A little ways down the road, perpendicular to Hollywood Road is Cat Street where you will find all these awesome antique trinkets.  They have Mao memorabilia to vintage water bottles to opium pipes to vintage porn photos. 

The vagina/penis ring! Haha.

Then we hopped on to another MTR to find our way toward the Wan Chai/Star Street Area, where the hip and beautiful shops were, as if those we were in weren't already cute enough. I liked walking around though, even if my feet were killing me.  Walking around leads me to seeing stuff like these:

 And then eventually, after much more walking and exploration of side streets, we see this:
The hipster version of Healthy Options.
The wall that faced it was lovely.  And it led us to yet another beautiful store. W.D.S.G. Art and Craft Department is a beautiful, very beautiful boutique located in No. 9 St. Francis Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Everything in the shop seems to be crafted to perfection.  The main entrance leads you down to the basement, where all the marvelous things were--hand crafted jeans, restored vintage furniture, even skincare.  At some point they told me that taking photos weren't allowed but I've already taken enough to show you.

Turns out, the Monocle Shop was just right around the corner.  This was the shop we were originally looking for.  I've always loved Monocle's aesthetic and well, wouldn't it be cool to just work there? The building where the shop is doubles as the office/headquarters of the magazine. Fun!

The Monocle Shop is located at Shop 1, U/G, Bo Fung Mansion, 1-4 St. Francis Yard, Wan Chai.

This whole area lead us to more shops! Each little street opened up to other hidden spots.  I'll show them to you in my next post! Hope this one was helpful to you, though! Let me know, ok! :) Love, W.

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