Monday, March 4, 2013

Feb tattoos!

Hi loves, it's kinda weird that it's already March--February went by like a breeze, much like January did.  Here are some tattoos I did for Feb! I'm loving them all. :)
This is Isabel's tattoo; these are the different kinds of love in Greek. I had the most pleasant session with her, talking about love and spirituality. I love meeting clients like her; it's amazing, the good vibes you absorb from people like her! We also had a reiki session after (she is a reiki healer) and I had the most amazing experience. If you have tried reiki healing sessions, try them! Just be open to the experience. :)

 Digo's art nouveau mandala, originally drawn by his dad! I was pressured to do this extremely well, of course.  I hope I did his dad's illustration justice though.

 I also did a tattoo based on my original watercolor illustration for my college classmate Margaux! I'm happy she picked an illustration of mine, and in watercolor, too--my favorite kinds of artwork to tattoo! It was nice seeing her again, too.

This is Mary's first tattoo and man was she a trooper.  These are from the 'language of angels', apparently. :)

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