Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dutdutan 13: The most fun one ever, I think!

I hung out at my mentor, Dyuntats', booth last Friday and Saturday at teh 13th Dutdutan Tattoo Convention at World Trade Center. It was literally jam-packed. Lines to get in were crazzzzy long despite the heavy rains. It was all good fun, though! Thank you Dyun for taking me in your booth!! And congratulations for all the categories you won! I wish I took photos of all his four entries, but I was only able to take photos of two of his entries, both insanely good---dear universe, please help me attain this talent/calibre in the near future! Thank you.

It was kinda intimidating, tattooing with Dyun around hahahaha but I think I needed that pressure! I absolutely enjoyed the tattoos I did those two days! Thanks for the clients who trusted me with their skin! :)

I sucked at taking a photo of this piece, but I loooved doing it! It's an intergalactic whale tattoo with the Cetus constellation! I put UV ink on the stars, too! Here's a photo I grabbed from instagram.

I think I did a better photo of photographing the tattoos I did on the second day, though.

So there. Had fun. See you when I see you!

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  1. Love your watercolory works!
    Also I have a similar lunch box. :))