Friday, January 4, 2013

On living unapologetically

Happy new year loves! I hope you spent the beginning of this year with loved ones, with good food, with delight, with new hopes. There are a couple of things I want to spruce up this year, and here they go:

1. Be a better blogger! I really need to update more often, and thus I shall! I have a couple of posts lined up for you and I'm very excited about those. I just got back from Hong Kong (it was freezing by the way, which I enjoyed) and I came back rejuvenated and very inspired. (I got to catch the Andy Warhol exhibit! But let's talk about that in the next few posts I just mentioned. )

2. Strive to be inspired.  Inspiration isn't always a natural occurrence, as much as I want it to be.  Sometimes we need to seek it.  With that and the first point in mind, I'm coming up with a monthly moodboard/inspiration series, things I'm loving each month. In the end, I hope to inspire you too.

3. Stop comparing myself to others.  The world is loaded with wonderful, crazy talented folk and I most often compare my work and sometimes, to be honest, that kind of brings me down.  ('Why are they so talented?' "I'm not good enouuuughhh!!!') Does that ever happen to you? It does to me and I seriously need to shush these voices because I will never be them. But they also will never be me.  The only person you'll ever be is yourself, and the things you create with your whole heart will always looks only as you. Bask in the sunlight of your creations.

4. Live unapologetically. Travel, love, create, feel! Buddha says "the problem is, you think you have time." and he is so true. 

5. Create, create, create! Last year I'm proud to have created pieces for two major exhibits, and while I do not have definite exhibit plans for the year yet, I plan to create more pieces and prints for you (and hopefully you'll support me?). Honestly there are tooooo many projects I want to get my hands on (a zine for one! Let's make one! A comic book, too! And so many others gaaah, let's do this!).

So yes, a happy new year to us all! We are made of the stars.  Love, W.

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