Monday, December 17, 2012

A confession.

Here goes a non-work post because, as it turns out, I forgot the password to my more personal blog and now I'm locked out! Waaah. At least for the day. But I wanted to share a tumblr blog I've been safekeeping, mostly for reblogging purposes but last night, I gave in.   That particular blog is slowly turning into a beauty blog of sorts.  Scratch that, I couldn't help myself yet again, so I created a brand new blog! (Help me, I could be a blog addict.)  So now, just in case you're into reviews, swatches, skincare and things like that, I may have something for you.

This is the other blog, and this is the first real post. :)

I'm also coming up with a rather limited edition store soon, I'm thinking the best time for it to come out is in January of 2013! A new year, a fresh start, fun fun fun. I hope you watch out for it.

The holidays are hereeeee!!! Will post more adventures soon. Til then, W.

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