Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January tattoos

Other than the craft itself, another thing I love about tattooing is the opportunity to meet all different kinds of people going through rather important stages in their lives, be it a celebration or a reminder of something, someone.  More often than not, the people I meet while tattooing turn out to be awesome, inspiring people. The first few clients I tattooed this month have all been pretty awesome, I'm glad to have met them as much as I am glad that they trusted their skin on to me. :)

My first two clients were Deng & Chely, who are co-founders of a company called Project Good.  They have a number of projects I'm really interested in, Girl Matter being one of them. I'd love to blog about all the other details of their project but I have yet to discover more details about it. :) Oh and also, Deng is a vocalist of one of the funnest female bands around now. They are called Flying Ipis. Do check them out if you can.

Chely's, which we will add more on to this week!
I also got to meet Jasmine the other day and I had so much fun tattooing her.  She knew so much about Philippine history and music, and well, it was a breeze tattooing her.  I did my first Koi fish tattoo on her. (Funny thing about sketching the koi--I had the hardest time not making the koi look 'cute'. )

Just awhile ago I got to tattoo PG.  I actually love the music he makes.  If you haven't heard any of his stuff, they're all here and here. He had a freshly done tattoo by the legendary Fang-Ud, and he wanted to add it.  I normally don't do tribal pieces, but I had good fun freehanding this one.  We're adding more to it as soon as they tattoos heal. It was nice talking to him about his process (music is one of my biggest frustrations!), and about our culture (we're both ilocano).

I'm scheduled to tattoo a couple more interesting tattoos and people soon, so yay!

Love, W

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