Monday, March 19, 2012

The most awesome wedding ever.

Hello, sorry for not posting too often, but I just got back from the awesomest wedding in La Union, and it's for one of the awesomest couples, too! Lianne and Jason got married last Saturday and it was filled with love, happiness, friendship, good food, the beach and unwarranted amounts of alcohol. I cried a lot of happy tears. :') My favorite part, out of all my favorite parts, I think, was when we all lit lanterns and let them float to the sky. If you were in LU this weekend and saw them cover the night sky, that was us! <3

I want to post more photos but I brought only my phone (I knew I was going to get drunk by nighttime, so it was safer that way! Haha). But here's the invite I designed for the couple, and the soundtrack that came with the wedding too!

True love for everyone,