Friday, February 28, 2014

The Clean(er) Studio

Sorry for not posting as often as I want to--you know the drill, something always comes up, and then sometimes revisions get me down, and then I'm off to doing another thing.

But anyway, I found some downtime yesterday, put on a Midnight in Paris DVD and reorganized my work space. It feels refreshing. I feel rejuvenated. And excited to work! I always try to spruce up my working space according to some good ol standard feng shui, nothing too intense. If you're interested in 'aligning' your work space, here's a good link.

Anyway, the workspace.

Lala Gallardo's beautiful piece for inspiration, yay!

The painting in the back is painting my boyfriend did of me and Puiji. <3 In front of it, a Fressie Capulong piece by one of my favorite local artists, Buen Calubayan. Oh and my favorite peace sign hand! Woot!

This is as minimal as I can get.

The 'sewing station'.

So anyway, how have you been?

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