Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Link Love: An Ode to a stressfree life!

One of the main goals of my life seems...simple, but the hardest thing to attain: I just want a stress-free life! I work freelance because it's the most effective way for me to avoid the stresses that plague most adults, as I have come to experience and realize.  These stresses include: the daily commute to work, the traffic, the office politics, the pressure from bosses, to name a few. I also freelance because this gives me the chance to pursue whatever the hell I want to pursue! Bwahahahaha. But seriously, I thank the universe for giving me this opportunity, this freelance life, these passions, yay!

So anyway, happy Monday to you! Here are a couple of links that reinforce the neverending pursuit for a stress-free life! I hope these help!
  • Ok, to be honest, despite what I said above, being a freelancer doesn't absolutely free me of stresses. The perennial stress that bugs freelancers is the worry that the projects won't come.  I breathed a sigh of relief when I read Breanna Rose's post, that we shouldn't worry too much.
  • No matter what your working conditions are, there will always be stresses from personal relationships--from the romantic to the platonic. Oh man if I could enumerate the stresses I've had over those--which I won't, one must always spread the good vibes! A lesson learned over the years, and why I think my life is less stressful now: surround yourself with people who literally bring you joy! I have stayed away from toxic friends, from people who always make me feel down. Follow this and you will feel lighter, happier! I'm glad Breanna Rose feels the same way, too!
  • A constant thing that semi-stresses me is my workspace--I am the messiest ever. I've been dreaming of having an official workspace--but at the moment, it's interesting to see how other design bloggers' workspaces look like.

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