Monday, May 20, 2013


A previous project almost ate me out alive and I rose out of it thankful that I got through it, of course, and a new declaration: NEVER ACCEPT PROJECTS I'M NOT IN LOVE WITH! It's a hard thing, standing by this declaration when you're a freelancer, but I've never felt so miserable, wasting my time on something that didn't make me the slightest bit happy. I hope you find a way to share my manifesto, too. I am always ecstatic to find out that the work I love, this whole illustration shindig, is appreciated by others. And more so if by people I respect and admire! A couple of months back, the very awesome Manix Abrera emailed me if I would be interested in sharing my process onto this magazine he helps out called Metroserye. Of course I was, of course I am. So anyway I did and last Saturday, the fourth issue, and its first ART issue was launched at this lovely new place called Cool Beans along Maginhawa at Teachers' Village. I tried to, as much as possible, share coherent fragments of my process but I don't know if I made sense at all. Nice, on the other hand gave an absolutely intelligent answer on her non-process, hehe. Anyways, it was a fun afternoon and it was so glad meeting those who were there. Thanks Mookie, Manix, Anina and the rest of Metroserye!
Here are some photos from Metroserye's facebook page (I hope you don't mind I borrowed these!): Metroserye is sold at Filipinas Heritage Library, the UST Press, the Ayala Museum and Fully Booked High Street and Katipunan. :)