Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Oh no, a new obsession.

I started learning to sew late. Really late.  I think I only learned two years ago, and that was mainly just embroidery, a rather decorative kind of needlework. (Please refer to my Karesinda exhibit, shown here.) So anyway, just last Holy Week, while chilling out at my family house in La Union, my mom brought out her new sewing machine (btw, my mom learned late too) and taught me the basics.  True to my studio name, I got really curious and I am staying super curious, and well, I'm pretty hooked.  Just last Saturday, I dragged J to the Manila New Port Shopping Area and got myself a pre-loved baby. Friends and friends, please say hello to Astrud!

Heeheeheehee! A note to friends who might possibly want to hang out soon (non-work related), I may be busy. I can see my next few weeks from hereon, like a hermit tinkering with a new baby.  I already whipped out all the nice fabrics I've been saving up for something special and got some new ones, too! Excited to show them to you soon.

Anyway, other than my mom's sewing 101 tutorial, I got all the help I could from youtube and blogs.  Thank you internet, I love you so.  I just wanted to share my favorite tutors to you, just in case you catched the sewing bug I did.

  • Threads Youtube Channel.  Very basic, not as 'hip' as the next few ones (and you know with my attention span and all I need to be entertained constantly), but very informative and straight to the point.
  • Boatpeople Vintage Youtube Channel.  I love love love this channel.  Ari has the best looking videos, simple and with good typography, good music and easy to understand tutorials for beginners like me.
  • Craftovision Youtube Channel.  Another fun channel with a loooot of tutorials that range from nail art to Christmas ornaments to operating a sewing machine.
  • Misako Minimoko.  A very very cute blog with lots of crafty projects to do, mostly of the sewing variety. Honestly, this blog brings warmth to my heart.
  • The Things We Do.  Another yummy crafty blog. I may have a hard time sleeping tonight because I am soooo excited.
  • DesignSponge DIY page.  Of course you've heard about Design Sponge right? Right? If you haven't please, go there right now and not even finish reading this post.  (Meanwhile the rest of you stay a bit to finish this post because I have a question below). Design Sponge has been a long-time favorite blog of mine (along with the usual suspects, OhJoy, DesignWorkLife, Creature Comforts...) but their DIY page is absolutely superb.  You get everything you possibly want to make there!
I hope you enjoy them!  Are there any  other blogs you recommend?  Please let me know! :) - W

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