Friday, March 29, 2013

Powered by Positivity.

My immediate reaction towards the question of just how significant the youth's involvement is towards development is a silent reverie apropos to perhaps the most popular song sung about it: Whitney Houston's 'The Greatest Love of All'. Shortly after, my mind recoils from the obvious, are there any other reasons aside from those stated in the song? Has Ms. Houston said it all, sung it all? It is a worldly acclaimed anthem, after all, millions nodding and singing along with it.

After days of pondering, going back and forth and trying to erase that song from the picture, I sat down, relaxed and found my answer. While the question lies with focus on the youth, little do we notice the others present, but not too visible, in the question. Driving development is a process that should hopefully be all inclusive, very importantly, of the youth. Involving the youth in driving development is essential because of their very potentials and capacities, which I shall discuss shortly, and secondly and less discerned, because of the role everybody external to this 'youth bracket' has come to realize.

Involving the youth in actions towards progress is an ever-amplified affair as it is a continuous cycle. Today's youth are equipped with augmented access to information and other networks, more so than we would have imagined ten years ago. With these they have the capacity to develop new ideas and invigorating ways of dealing with old problems. This cycle goes on; the youth will and always will be important drivers towards development. As is the cycle of progress, there will come a time for new problems to arise when the old ones have been amended and there shall always be a new generation that shall bring forth newer solutions and perspectives.

Not only is this current generation accorded with unprecedented enhanced technology and information, but I have observed a growing shift towards positivity. In my 28 years of existence, it is only recently that I witness a global positive transformation towards those which are 'good'--there is generally an outburst of kindness, of people wanting to volunteer for good causes like planting trees, cleaning up shores, helping victims of natural tragedies. Overall, there is a global realization, especially with the youth, that every little action affects everything else. The youth are now more conscious of the effects of their actions; via technology perhaps, they now understand how intricately linked all humans are with each other and with the earth. They now know that they can help, in every little way they can. Furthermore, the youth now understands how loud their voice resonates. The youth are heard better now, thanks to social networks, whereas back in the day I remember the youth's angry pleas for consideration. The youth is empowered now more than ever. They are, most importantly, empowered by positivity.

The youth are important drivers of development because they let the past youth, those who are past the bracket, reassess what they have done and how far they have come. Involving the youth in developmental pursuits is a nod to sustainable and all-inclusive progress. We all share roles that generate development and we all benefit from this relationship. It is an expansion of the horizon, a welcoming of ideas so that we all do this together. Involving the youth is a sign of hopefulness from those in the other ends of the spectrum. They were the youth once, and now we are it. It is a declaration of agreement, that we are all important.

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