Thursday, March 21, 2013


Gaah I haven't been posting again. But it's been hectic, I swear! Hectic in a very good way. Where do I begin, hmm..

Last Saturday I was part of the Aimless Booth at Art in the Park. I shared the booth with some fun and super talented people: Electrolychee, Hannah Liongoren, Dan Matutina, Dang Sering, Celina de Guzman, Apol Sta. Maria, Anjo Bolarda, Nelz Yumul, Dex Fernandez and sooooo much more. It was really humid, and then it rained really hard, then it got really hot again and then it was nighttime before we knew it but it was all good good fun.  Thanks to everyone who supported the booth and bought prints and scarves! Yay, it was fun meeting you.

Some photos I stole from Instagram! Haha (because I don't have a decent camera with me)

And then we finally had a photoshoot for my collaboration with the very lovely and talented Bonsai Fojas--she's using my gilded sea creatures for her hats!!! Very excited about this one. All hats are handmade and one-of-a-kind.

Photographer Mitch Mauricio doin her thaaanggg.
Bonsai, Mica (who is also the awesome makeup artist) and me with blue hair.
I honestly didn't want to take off the blue hair--tempted to have my hair dyed blue really. Very Ramona Flowers, I must say.

And then the day before today, I got asked by Chely, Deng and Aisa of Girl Matter to give a talk, a 'Visioneering' talk, in front of 20 + girls who have all been victims of human trafficking.  I was supposed to inspire them, give them vision I guess, but in the end I think it was I who they inspired.  I admire their strength, their courage to move on.  I admire their positivity despite everything they've been through. I also look up to Chely, Deng and Aisa for organizing and taking time to do things like this; I am thankful for people like them. :)
 I am so so so inspired spiritually and creatively this week. Thank you universe for moments like these, and wonderful people I get to meet. :)  Good vibes to you!


  1. Good vibes right back at you! Been experiencing a surge of inspiration as well. Cheers to us!


    I live here now:

    1. Iraaaa! Yay to us! Dagat inspiration rin yan! Nainggit ako sa palawan nyo! :)