Sunday, January 27, 2013

Calligraphy love

I was asked by my good friends (and my most favorite couple in the world!) Carina & Allan to do the calligraphy for their wedding invites and this thrilled me to death! I've always wanted to these kinds of projects but I don't know, I never really got the chance to before.  I'm afraid I don't do strictly formal calligraphy, most weddings go for that. I'm glad that Carina & Allan appreciated my 'style' though, a rather informal and playful type.  Here are some snapshots:

I used a Nikko Comic G-Pen Nib with my General's #204B holder and dipped that in this J. Herbin Orange Indien ink, the logo of which I thought fit well with the couple's bohemian themed wedding.

Yay for Carina & Allan!

Love, W


  1. good job on the calligraphy, wiji! <3 :-)

  2. Ang ganda ng penmanship mo, Wiji! :)
    I'm so excited for Papa Bords and Carina! hihi Sweet nila <3

    Jamie Kate