Thursday, March 29, 2012

Calligraphic Cocktails

So I've been making calligraphed cocktail flashcards as an ode to our (my friends and I) umm sweet friendship with alcohol. Years ago we had a crazy idea to...please don't judge us... but we had this thing where we wanted to drink everyday for 365 days (do not fret, we lasted only half a year, I think). We came up with AA kits (haha), everyone had the basics, a jigger, vodka, rhum, gin, stirrers, the whole lot. We would all be assigned days to come up with cocktails. We had to try them together, whether we would be meeting up that night or not. Needless to say, this project was effective in expanding our alcohol tolerance. And I thank the sweet sweet gods of alcohol for this project every time I'm at a party and someone screams 'shots!'. Except for tequila. I've always had tension with tequila.

So anyway. Calligraphic Cocktail Flashcards. For you to memorize your favorite cocktails.

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