Thursday, February 16, 2012

Travel while you're young.

Went to the mall again today, to finally get those glasses I need. Apparently, my right eye has been near sighted this whole time and it's been causing a lot of my headaches. Anyway, I stopped by the grocery first to buy some supplies and then decided to check out what restaurants they had there for lunch. I remember when I was a kid Rustan's always had a restaurant beside it with the sun logo, do you remember what it's called? And they always used to have really good mango and orange juices. Anyway, that restaurant isn't there anymore but it did have this little place called Kashmir. I had the 60-peso vegetarian burger that comes either with mango chutney or garlic sauce. It was pretty alright. And so there I was sitting by my lonesome and I spotted this lovely elderly woman who was wearing a really nice printed blouse and paired it with the most outrageous patterned trousers and somehow managed to pull it off so elegantly. She asked me if she could share the table with me. She had Audrey Hepburn eyebrows. Then we got into a nice conversation. She teaches french and spanish classes at a language school nearby and I told her that french is in my list of languages to learn, right next to brazilian portugese (which, I hope a brapanese model teaches to me hihi). She's taught in Indonesia and India, and by the end of our conversation, she says to me : "Travel while you're young."

That, I intend to do.

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