Friday, February 24, 2012

Fun holiday fun

Hi folks, sorry I haven't been posting lately. You know how it goes when you get back from (an awesome) vacation: the lack of willpower to work, plus leftover work, etc, etc.

Davao was awesome! (See above comment in parenthesis!) People were so nice, shopping was awesome, and they took us to Samal island. If haven't been there, try to book a flight now. It was paradise. We stepped onto a boat with a big buffet table in the middle, they were grilling fish, they had lechon, pancit, all that. And pomelo! I love pomelo. By the way I saw fruit boxes there and they spelled it: PUMMELO. I think that's a cuter way to spell it. Anyway, they took us to a couple of spots like the Coral Garden where we got to float around in the middle of the sea. Oh and there was a jet ski! I fell off of it hardcore because our friend Jason was crazy, making all these crazy turns. And I also had the longest jet ski ride of my life, in the middle of the ocean. Water was so clear, sand was white, the day was lovely. All around good vibes, basically.

I only have phone and lomo photos (but I haven't gone around to having those printed), so I'm borrowing some photos from Daily Grind. Pahiram ha. :)

Come to the next Excursion!

I love you,

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