Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's the start of a normal working day for me.

So I finally got my computer back today! Whew. Was so worried I about my files. I think I need to buy a UPS thingie. Awesome fact for the day: I managed to carry an iMac all by myself! Hurrah to yoga and pilates! *Kisses my 'guns'*

I just finished designing an upcoming Valentine's poster and I'm pretty much psyched about it. Will show you the studies as soon as I get feedback. :)

In other, very very exciting news, James Jean will be in town. *fangirl mode on* I got to sign up for his art talk at Ateneo this Friday with my mentor, Dyun Depasupil and I cannnnooot wait. I want to bring all my James Jean books for him to sign but I think there's another registration thing for that. I hope I get at least one book signed! Go, go, go, sign up too!

Here's the poster from the Fully Booked FB site:

Hope to see you there,

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