Friday, January 6, 2012

I finally gave in to Facebook's Timeline and well, just look at the old photos you can unearth:

This was from a Valentine's Exhibit called 'It's Complicated' at the Pablo Gallery in Cubao X, from two years ago. This piece is a collaboration between me and Nelz Yumul.

And, in a month and a couple of days, I'll be having another Valentine's Exhibit for Pablo, this time at Pasong Tamo and this time it's just me and Yvette. Eep, must make posters soon! :)


  1. Hi! Found your blog through MALL. I would love to attend one of your shows; your work's awesome!

  2. Hi Fifi! I love Mall's works. :) Yes please do attend, so I get to meet you! Will post details soon! Thanks!