Thursday, December 15, 2011

Promises, promises.

I've always wanted to be one of those people with awesome blogs but I never was the consistent type...and hereforth I withdraw to you: A SWEEPING DECLARATION: I PROMISE TO BE MORE ACTIVE (ONLINE) beginning today! It's December 15 (my dad's birthday, happy birthday, pa) today and we've got a couple more weeks til declarations of resolutions and I said to myself 'let's start today, shall we?'. I have a personal blog--my long and lasting love with livejournal--but I suppose it should be better for me to have a separate one for work, or dare I say it, art. No. Let's call them illustration, design and tattoos. :) I read somewhere that maybe we should make promises, instead of resolutions so that they are more binding. So beginning today, I promise to make my 2012 awesome--more specifically in terms of work. I have a couple of exhibits brewing, and I hope all the other supposed projects push thru, too!

So anyway, I've been busy the past few days since I finally got my shipment of inks and that new power supply (the old one broke down the night before I was supposed to tattoo a new client! Le stress!). Luckily, my clients were nice and patient enough to wait for the shipment to arrive. And also that they had really nice concepts for tattoos, making me ten times more excited to tattoo them.

I have another cupcake tattoo I have to design soon, and another back tribal thing...but those are slated for January. It's Christmas next week and I still haven't found anything for anyone. Eegad. Also, Christmas breaks also mean I'm bound to go home to the province! San Fernando, La Union I miss you. I plan to paint paint paint for the upcoming show in February, and surf surf surf! Another 2012 promise is to squeeze in more surfing time. :)

So, see you soon, it's a busy busy Thursday night here in Manila, Lupe Fiasco is in town, Kaskade, and DJ Reuben of Ladytron is spinning at Escobar at Cubao X and I'm going there.