Saturday, December 31, 2011

I found a place I thought was stolen

2011 was a nice year, I met a lot of nice, new, interesting people and I got to work on really fun projects. I finally got to design a book cover, art directed a magazine, put out a couple of posters and had people from other countries contact me because they loved it (woohoo!), got another Tokwart project, tattooed a lot of very interesting people who I got to be friends with and I finally found the courage to ask people I wanted to work with on collaborations. I hope next year gets to be much more productive than this one, and much more fun! I have a couple of exhibits and collaborations brewing for 2012 and I am very excited. (By the way, if you want us to collaborate on something, let me know eh?)

No year passes by without an awesome soundtrack. This year was filled with extremely good music, I think, and I was particularly moved, ever so gently, by this year's records from Bon Iver, The Foo Fighters, and Friendly Fires.

And so, I am grateful. For everything. Thank you universe!

I was made to be even more thankful by the past few days:
If this isn't a good afternoon, I don't know what is.
Teepee + Surf = Happy Hipster Shot
The river
Where the river merges with the sea
Where the river merges with the sea
Temptation Island
massive clouds
the light at the end of the horizon
blue cassette

Nothing beats a nice sunny day out with good waves on the beach and good friends to hang out with. If this isn't a good way to end the year, I don't know what is. :) So, see you in a few, lovelies, my mom's making Vegetarian Palabok--I haven't eaten this in years!

Have a safe night and see you next year!