Saturday, December 17, 2011

'Christmas Panic Mode On!' and about that upcoming exhibit

Seven days til Christmas and I am still out of presents to give to anyone. Will definitely try to scour the different bazaars later, if traffic allows me. Have you shopped for anyone yet? I've been messaging friends over YM, asking them about the most convenient place to shop for presents, and true to that saying 'birds of the same feather...', none of them have shopped yet. Haha.
In other news, I have been working on a couple of pieces for an upcoming, exciting exhibit! Months ago, I finally asked (after months of trying to get over my 'shyness'--friends, do not scoff at this one. I get shy, I swear!) the Yvette Tan if she wanted to collaborate with me on a project. I've always loved children's storybooks--I've always loved layouts where you the see illustration, and below it, a sentence of two. Also, Yvette is the perfect, perfect writer for the mood I want to set. :) I've been drawing and painting the past few days, and I've only come up with a four pieces so far! I need to paint, oh say, nine or ten more.

But here's a sneak peek on the pieces I've come up with so far. :)

See you later,